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    load ENOEXEC

      apologizing,I have got an error like this:

      java.sql.SQLException: Problems with loading native library/missing methods: /oracle/TimesTen/tt70/lib/libttJdbc.so: load ENOEXEC on shared library(s) /oracle/TimesTen/tt70/lib/libttJdbc.so
      at com.timesten.jdbc.JdbcOdbcConnection.connect(JdbcOdbcConnection.java:1715)
      at com.timesten.jdbc.TimesTenDriver.connect(TimesTenDriver.java:275)
      at com.timesten.jdbc.TimesTenDriver.connect(TimesTenDriver.java:140)
      at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(DriverManager.java:559)
      at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(DriverManager.java:211)
      at TTJdbcExamples.batchExecution(TTJdbcExamples.java:966)
      at TTJdbcExamples.runExamples(TTJdbcExamples.java:498)
      at TTJdbcExamples.main(TTJdbcExamples.java:356)
      SQL State: null
      Native Error Code: 0

      please give me some idea,thanks in advance!
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          This is an O/S error indicating that the JVM is unable to load the TimesTen shared library libttJDbc.so. This could be a permissions problem or something else. For example, if this is AIX then this can occur if all other necessary shared libraries needed to resolve all external references are not locatable via the normal library search rules.

          What O/S is this? What does you environemnt look like (output of 'env' command)? What are the JVM search paths for native code libraries?

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            thanks,I have solved this problem,I am sorry about my english,I am chinese!
            because of the jvm is 32bit,but our Timesten is 64bit.