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    SPARC T4 - Dynamic Threading - Oracle Database

      i have a simple question about the new Sparc T4 line

      Can I use T4 running Oracle Database - RAC (Standard Edition)? Database is not recommended for T3 processors, oracle says "t (3) line is for applications, for database sparc M Line is more suitable " but this data sheet below says..

      "*Dynamic Threading*
      SPARC T4 is dynamically threaded. While software can activate up to eight strands on each core at a
      time, hardware dynamically and seamlessly allocates core resources such as instruction, data, and L2
      caches and TLBs, as well as out-of-order execution resources such as the 128-entry re-order buffer in
      the core. These resources are allocated among the active strands. Software activates strands by sending
      an interrupt to a HALTed strand. Software deactivates strands by executing a HALT instruction on
      each strand that is to be deactivated. No strand has special hardware characteristics. All strands have
      identical hardware capabilities."

      Whit this new feature... can i use oracle rac database on T4?

      Can someone help me please?


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          I am not the most authorative person to answer this:

          Datasheets such as http://www.oracle.com/us/products/servers-storage/servers/sparc-enterprise/t-series/sparc-t4-2-ds-487859.pdf indicate the T4 for database workloads

          I guess you have alo found http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/features/sparc-t4-announcement-494846.html


          Basically there are times with a database that a thread wants to do a lot of CPU work .... on a T3 this ends up on one thread on one of hte cores.


          On a T4 ... providing the core's are not fully utilitized, the thread requiring a lot of CPU should be allocated a whole core to itself .... and run much more quickly.


          So for instance starting or upgrading a single databse on a T4 should run much much faster on T4 as opposed to T3. And that probably is the case of a failover also.


          Anyway to give a couple of not so simple answers (and these are my personal answers):
          - Can one use a T3 for RAC .... yes but it iisn't recommended and failover and other operations may be lenghtly.
          - Can one use a T4 for RAC .... yes ... it will certainly outperform a T3. Is it recommended ... (pass ... ask the salesman).

          ... I am happy for others to add comments.
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            yes, its a good choice. An example is the new super cluster systems which include T4 systems. A number of the set configuration are designed for 11g RAC.