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    Incomplete Recovery and Read Only

      Ok, I seem to be missing something. I've performed an incoplete recovery to a specified SCN. Everything is great if I open the database with resetlogs. But, the documentation (see quote below) says I can open the database as read only to check the recovery before I do the "resetlogs". However, I get the error (RMAN-01009) when I try to open the database read only. Can anyone explain?

      Oracle Database Concepts (B14220-02) - 15 Backup and Recovery:

      Before using the OPEN RESETLOGS command to open the database in read/write mode after an incomplete recovery, it is a good idea to first open the database in read-only mode, and inspect the data to make sure that the database was recovered to the correct point. If the recovery was done to the wrong point, then it is easier to re-run the recovery if no OPEN RESETLOGS has been done. If you open the database read-only and discover that not enough recovery was done, then just run the recovery again to the desired time. If you discover that too much recovery was done, then you must restore the database again and re-run the recovery.


      The script I ran:

      set until restore point r1;
      restore database;
      recover database;
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          To generate the exception RMAN-01009 it appears you are trying to open the database using RMAN ... try it with SQL*Plus ... and if you have a problem post the full error message not just your impression of it along with the corresponding section of the alert log and full version number.