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    ODI Transformations

      Hi All,
      I am in the process of developing complex interfaces(mappings) using ODI.i did lot of development using other etl tool informatica.

      since i am in the initial stages....could you please help me in finding ways implement following transformations in ODI.

      1) Lookup tranformation
      2) Insert/update Transformation
      3) router transformation. etc...,

      and also suggest some good reference materials on the above topics.

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          You have to work out your transformations in ODI designer .. "Diagram" and in "Flow" tabs.

          Now to do
          1. Lookup -- bring up the lookup tables in the datastore by reversing(same like ur source and target tables/views) and drag in the designer along with ur source for transformations. do ur txfm by either drag n drop or post ur query in the "Expression Editor" by selecting the target column.

          2. Insert/Update- will be controlled by ur ODI IKM`s (Incrementel Update)

          3. I dont know about router Txmf.

          Visit : http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/oracle-data-integrator/10.1.3/htdocs/1013_support.html for ODI docs

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            Please go through the following link.
            It will help you to do router transformation using ODI.