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    SIM 13.2.3 Eclipse Workspace Debugger with OAS/Weblogic server fails

      Hi All,

      I have setup my eclipse workspace with the ORSIM 13.2.3 source code. Also, i have ORSIM 13.2.3 installed on both OAS and Weblogic . Both the application servers are running in Debug mode. I am able connect the remote java application to both the servers from eclipse.
      I have added a launcher in eclipse so that i can launch SIM 13.2.3 through eclipse.
      If i keep any breakpoints in the panel, model or ejbServices that debugger points to those breakpoints when the target reaches there. But the debugger fails to go to the Bean implementation or the server services classes.
      I have created 2 videos one of the debugger (http://youtu.be/1YkJA9gSvwk) and one of the eclipse workspace (http://youtu.be/CNDpvOU_PAE).

      Please let me know where i am going wrong. We need the debug to move uptp the server services classes and to the dao layer.
      Thanks in advance!!!!