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    Unable to access Sun Storage CAM

      Hi All,

      I am unable to login to my CAM.Details are -

      CAM Version - CAM6.7
      OS - Solaris 10

      When I am trying to telnet localhost, it is not getting connected.
      telnet localhost 6789

      Please suggest.
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          Use web browser instead of telnet!

          CAM is web-based app

          it has a CLI component, too - it's called SSCS
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            Check your /etc/hosts.
            locahost should be resolved to not to

            Check that port 6789 is listen:
            netstat -na | grep 6789

            Check status svc:/system/webconsole:console
            svcs svc:/system/webconsole:console

            Try restart webconsole:
            svcadm disable svc:/system/webconsole:console
            svcadm enable svc:/system/webconsole:console


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              What type of storage array do you have ? From the looks of it, you have a separate CAM host that connects to that array, so better do the following (if applicable):

              1. ping the array's controller(s) from the CAM host, see if you get a reply
              2. telnet to each controller

              Both tests should be fine, or else you won't be able to log into CAM.