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        Hi, we have streams setup in our environment which we want to monitor using the OSC (Oracle Streams Commander), i downloaded the OSC software but did not know how to install it for just monitoring the streams. Below is the details about my environment:

        Database Version:
        2 Databases involved DB1 (RAC with 2 nodes) and DB2 (RAC with 2 nodes)
        Bi-directional schema level setup
        Each database has 1 capture process, 1 propagation and 1 apply process
        Only 1 schema is being replicated.

        Can you please help me to setup this tool for monitoring streams?

        Thank you!
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          Gerrit Haase
          Hallo Herr Menschel,

          the Link you provided last year ends here:

          We're sorry, the page you requested was not found.

          We have recorded this error (404) to help us fix the problem.
          You may wish to try again using one of the tools below.

          Is there any chance, that I can find the OSC download somewhere at oracle.com?

          The full text search from the main landung page doesn't help, there is only 1 result for the term "oracle streams commander", no result for "OSC",

          While Google brings more than 1 million results... there is not really anything more interesting besides this thread. Unfortunately all the links provided here are outdated.

          Hope you can help,
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            Gerrit Haase
            I found this page:


            However, the link to the docs and the demo are not working, the download page asks for name and e-mail-address, however there is no e-mail with download-link in my inbox after 15 minutes.

            The only thing actuallyx working is this forum :-)
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              Please email him on the address given on the "Oracle Streams Commander Download" link on the page pointed to by the URL you have posted (http://apex.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=17730:1:4450068916449550:::::).
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                Stefan Menschel-Oracle
                Oracle Streams Commander
                +(for the moment the latest Release OSC 4.25.63 )+

                Tool for monitoring and administration Oracle Streams environments
                (incl. environments based on Oracle Release 11.2)

                you can download after register on this page


                The problem with missing email after registration is fixed.
                Please let me know, if you have further problems.

                Stefan Menschel

                email : stefan.menschel@oracle.com

                Edited by: Stefan Menschel on Dec 28, 2011 10:59 AM
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