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    Error when I try to get target or source from voice mode line

      Hello all,

      I newbie in java sound and I want to record a phone call to file or play from file out to the phone line with no sound appear on speakers.
      I have PCtel HSP56 MR 2.30-9k Data/Fax/Voice modem, when I display available mixers voice modem lines appear as output:
      Primary Sound Driver
      C-Media Wave Device
      Modem #0 Line Playback (emulated)
      Primary Sound Capture Driver
      C-Media Wave Device
      Modem #0 Line Record (emulated)
      Port C-Media Wave Device

      but when I choose "Modem #0 Line Record" to record from it exception occur with message the line does not support audio format, I tried to make audio format with sample rate 8000.0F and 44100.0F with channel mode is mono the exception is still appear.

      Is my voice modem is not supported with java sound?
      Are there modems that work probably with java sound?
      Is there examples like what I'm looking for to help me to achieve that goal?

      I would be very thankful for your helping.