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    Getting EQG-30249: Crawler process aborted error

      We are using Oracle SES, when we try to run the Crawler Schedule for buscomp Source, it fails with the following errors in the log file. Any reason why this is failing? Appreciate your help.

      17:11:39:581 INFO     main          Crawler plug-in manager class is "oracle.search.plugin.siebel.Siebel8CrawlerManager"
      17:11:39:581 INFO     main          SQL hook ID is "4"
      17:11:39:581 INFO     main          SQL command hook statement is "begin ? := eq_crw.crawler_get_command(?,?,?,?); end;"
      17:11:39:581 INFO     main          SQL response hook statement is "begin ? := eq_crw.crawler_send_response (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?); end;"
      17:11:39:581 INFO     main          Crawler launched by schedule "buscomp"
      17:11:39:581 INFO     main          Bad title to be replaced = "powerpoint presentation"
      17:11:39:581 INFO     main          Bad title to be replaced = "slide 1"
      17:11:39:581 INFO     main          Zip file processing package is java.util.zip
      17:11:39:581 INFO     main          
      17:11:39:581 INFO     main          =================== Crawling status ===================
      17:11:39:581 INFO     main          Crawling started at 8/19/09 5:11 PM
      17:11:40:846 INFO     main          URL manager connecting to Oracle...
      17:11:41:127 INFO     main          connected
      17:11:41:908 INFO     main          Time of last crawl is Wed Aug 19 16:53:14 EDT 2009
      17:11:41:971 ERROR     main          EQG-31209: No security attribute defined for source (id=4)
           at oracle.search.crawler.WebCrawler.init(WebCrawler.java:631)
           at ImtCrawler.run(ImtCrawler.java:1954)
           at ImtCrawler.main(ImtCrawler.java:534)

      17:11:41:971 ERROR     main          EQG-30249: Crawler process aborted

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          Please find below the RSS_Crawler_Configuration file that we are using. It always fails with the error "No security attribute defined for source". I am wondering whether there is any issue with the defining of security attribute in the crawler config xml below?

          <!-- Configuration #3 -->
          <!-- File based directory feed - with security enabled. -->
          <!-- Uncomment the configuration as desired -->
          <!-- -->
          <rsscrawler xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/search/rsscrawlerconfig">
          <securityAttribute name="sblvisibilityid" grant="true"/>


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            This is likley to be a problem with the way the field mappings are set up.
            What bc-name are you mapping to sblvisibilityid in SCC_OSES_Field-Mappings.xml?
            What turns up in the securityAttr element of the RSS feed XML output file?


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              I've experienced the same issue. Could you solve yours?

              What I've also seen is that the Security Attibute sblvisibilityid does not appear in the Source configuraion view. But the path to the file is ok. I've tried that with file://... and also with http://...

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                Undeploying and redeploying the searchable object + schedule helps.