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    Issues in installing OATS


      I have installed oats earlier then did a un-installation of oats, which i think didnt worked property. And now when i try to install oats again , th eproces sis halted for more than 2 hrs while "spawning ....\oats.ear".
      and log file says -

      C:\OracleATS\instantclient\instantclient_11_1>exit /b 0

      INFO: End output from spawned process.
      INFO: ----------------------------------
      INFO: Setting variable 'CURR_LOG' to 'C:\OracleATS\logs\installSvc.log'. Received the value from a code block.
      INFO: Calling Query fileQueries10. stringExists

      fileName = C:\OracleATS\logs\installSvc.log

      searchString = ERROR:

      ignoreCase = null
      INFO: Query Returned: false
      INFO: Calling Action SpawnActions10. Spawn
           installcommand = C:\OracleATS\bin\restartSvc.bat "Oracle Application Testing Suite Application Service"
           deinstallcommand = C:\OracleATS\bin\stopSvc.bat "Oracle Application Testing Suite Application Service"
           WaitForCompletion = true


      INFO: Start output from spawned process:
      INFO: ----------------------------------

      INFO: The Oracle Application Testing Suite Application Service service is not started.

      INFO: More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 3521.

      INFO: System error 3 has occurred.

      The system cannot find the path specified.

      INFO: End output from spawned process.
      INFO: ----------------------------------
      INFO: Calling Action SpawnActions10. Spawn
           installcommand = C:\OracleATS\bin\deploy.bat C:\OracleATS\install\oats.ear
           deinstallcommand = C:\OracleATS\bin\undeploy.bat
           WaitForCompletion = true


      INFO: Start output from spawned process:
      INFO: ----------------------------------

      INFO: Using MW_HOME=C:\OracleATS\wls

      Kindly note that i donot see any entry of OracleServiceXE,OracleXETNSListener in SERVICES. I thnik while uninstallin something went wrong with oracle database.

      Kindly help.
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          Please note that uninstall OATS doesn't remove the Oracle XE.
          Depending on your use case, we recommand to use an Oracle EE as a DB.

          Then before installing OATS please make either to have successfully completely uninstall OATS (see the clean uninstall procedure below), or to make sure to connect correctly to the database.
          Good luck

          How to Fresh Install ATS 920
          You can install ATS products with the Oracle Universal Install setup program. The installation is usually a painless straightforward process, but in some cases you may want to “Clean/Fresh” install the product.

          This may be required when:

          You have a previous beta version of the ATS product
          You want to downgrade the product from the newer version
          The installation has failed for some reason and you want to clean the environment to fresh start.

          Please make sure to backup all scripts and databases before proceeding!

          This page guides you through the process step-by-step to clean install ATS on your system.


          Step1: Deinstall ATS products

          Setup.bat to launch "Oracle Universal Installer"
          Click "Deinstall Products". Inventory Window opens.
          Expand the tree Oracle Homes -> Check "OATS" checkbox. Click Remove.
          Remove window opens and start uninstallation. Wait for the dialog to automatically dismiss itself.
          After the successful uninstalltion, you will see "There are no installed products" in the Inventory window.
          Click "Close" to close the Inventory Window.
          Click "Cancel" to close the Oracle Universal Installer


          Step2: Uninstall Oracle XE database

          Control Panel -> Program and Features. Find and select Oracle Database 10g Express Edition
          Click "Uninstall/Change" button from the tool bar, or dbl click the item to lauch the installsheild wizard.
          Click "Yes" on the pop up dialog. Wait for the unistallation to complete.
          Upon successful uninstalltion, window shows "Uninstall Complete" in the screen.
          Click "Finish" to close the install shield wizard


          Step3: Remove/Rename the following folders.

          Backup the script directory
          Remove/Rename ATS install directory (e.g. C:\OracleATS).
          Remove/Rename the directory: C:\Documents and Settings\username\osworkspace
          (depends on your Operating System, it may look like: C:\Users\username\osworkspace)
          Remove/Rename the directory: C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory
          ( depends on your Operating System, it may look like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\Inventory)


          Step4: Remove the Services (Optional)
          Start -> Run. Enter "cmd" Type the command: sc delete servicename


          Oracle Application Testing Suite Application Service

          If you see a msg "The specified services does not exist as an installed services" returned from the program, the service has successfully removed by the previous steps.


          Step5: Remove the Registry Keys (Optional)

          Start -> Run. Enter "regedit" to launch Registry Editor. Remove the keys below:

          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Oracle Application Testing Suite Application Services

          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Oracle\Oracle Application Testing Suite and Oracle Test Management

          If you do not find the keys they are successfully removed by the previous steps. Note: The keys may be found in the different location depends on your Operating Systems. (search by the key to find the correct location)


          Step6: Restart your System (Optional)

          Not required, but always a better practice


          Step7: Install ATS
          1. Make sure the install user has administrator privilege on the system.
          2. Double click the setup.bat to start the Oracle Universal Installer.

          Important: Windows Vista, 2008 or Win7 users, select"Run as Administrator" from the right mouse click menu. This is required process for the OS that has UAC enabled.
          3. Continue to install the latest version of ATS
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            The reply by Jean contains all info that you need. This is also documented in the Readme files that come with ATS.

            • 3. Issues in installing OATS

              I've installed oats 9.3 in my machine, i have good access in OLT, Open script, Administrator, but the the problem is unable to login to administrator with otm database, and also unable to login into OTM...

              Can any one help me solving this problem...

              Thanx in advance.........
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                Hello 905840
                Can you launch the tool called Oracle Application Testing Database Configuration, available from the OATS Windows start menu and check that you have a schema for OTM.
                If not, you need to create one in order to have access to OTM (and btw to restart the service OATS).

                Good luck