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    Freeze Deploying Staging and Not Able to Rollback

      Hello there,

      I was testing ATG workflow, so I created a product inside rootCategory, Aproved to Staging and sent to deploy.... but... I forgot to create a Parent Category, so I created another project and created this Category inside rootCategory and sent to deploy, but ATG said that has a conflict, and it's right, first project modified rootCategory and second project too, so I rolledback and deleted the second project.

      Till now it is all right, but the problem is... Now I am not able to aprove first project to production neither rollback from staging, I can do nothing with this project, and at Admin Console there is no error. And with this I can't do any other deployment cause lock conflict happens.

      I checked at Admin Console (Deployment Administration) > Overview > Staging > Projects and my first project is there at "Deployed active projects for site: Staging" but I am not able to select any project there to rollback them, the checkbox are disableds.

      What must I need to rollback this project that stucked at Staging deployment without error?