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    real-time scoring

      how can i use real-time scoring in oracle data miner11g.1, by means of applying new single record with its attributes and get the prediction value as a result.
      this record is not stored in my apply table..
      which oracle documentation support this subject?
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          The following sample shows how to use the prediction_probability function. The things you need for input are the name of the model, the target value that you are want to predict and finally you need to list the attributes used in the mode along with the real-time values.

          Select prediction_probability(CLAS_DT_5_2, 'Yes'
          USING 7800 as bank_funds, 125 as checking_amount, 20 as credit_balance, 55 as age, 'Married' as marital_status,
          250 as MONEY_MONTLY_OVERDRAWN, 1 as house_ownership)
          from dual;

          This uses the classification model CLAS_DT_5_2 and we want the prediction probability for the target value of 'Yes'

          I hope this helps
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            it works with me.....
            thanks for your help.