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    How to avoid JApplet appearing over css menu?

      Hello, I have a JApplet on a jsp page, and a css vertical menu on the top, everytime the menu is displayed to see the options, the JApplet is over it all the time, l already tried assigning a low z-index on the applet tag, but did not work, any idea how can I fix this? thanks in advanced, have a nice day!!
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          I doubt it is possible in any reliable way.

          Java plugin does not support windowless mode. I.e. java content is actually shown in the native window whose parent is page window.
          z-order has impact on order in which content is shown inside the page window, it can not impact content in other windows.

          Same problem is true for most of other plugins. Some plugins (e.g. flash) have support for windowless mode but you need to request that mode explicitly.