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    How to link sales rep to customer

      Hi all,

      I am using JDE 8.12 and I am new to JDE.

      However, I have a question:
      I want to link the sales representative to an order.

      In my mind the sales rep has a direct link with the customer and the customer has a direct link with the order
      I found out that my sales reps and my customers are both in F0101 and the order is in F4111, so I am able to link the customer to the order.
      But I am not able yet to link the sales rep to the customer.

      Can anyone advise me in this...

      Same question for the ones that knows BIAPPS, when I look in the mapping SDE_JDE_SalesOrderLineExtract, then I can see that the sales representative is filled by the field SHSLM but this field is not connected to any ports which are coming from the SQL override...