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    locked account in APEX4

      Hi All

      I forgot my password and when I tried to reset it I got this Email

      Workspace: ***
      Username: SOHA (The account is locked.)
      Password: socah2

      When I tried that password I got "Invalid Login Credentials"

      So How can I unlock my user please ?
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          Kiran Pawar

          <li>Log in by an account for your workspace which has administrator privileges. Go to Manage Users and Groups -> Edit User -> Account Privileges and reset the Account Availability flag to unlocked. You have to give a new password also.
          OR </li>
          <li>Log into the Apex Internal Administration. Go to Manage Workspaces -> Existing Workspaces -> Your Workspace -> Manage Users -> Edit User -> Account Privileges and rest is the same as above.</li>

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          Please update your forum profile with a real handle instead of user1136567.

          Hope it helps!