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    edelivery software cloud download broken?

      On Friday, I was trying to download all of the parts to eBusiness 11.5.10 for Linux x86 via edelivery.oracle.com. I got about 2/3 of the downloads done and need to continue.

      Today I attempted to continue the downloads. I'm trying to download "Oracle E-Business Suite Certified Configuration Release 11.5.10 for Linux x86 APPL_TOP - Disk 1 (Part 2 of 6)" but I see the following message whenever I click "Download":

      "You have improperly entered this application.The only supported url to access the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud is http://edelivery.oracle.com
      For additional help or support information, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions."

      The other downloads seem to work just fine. It's only this download that's giving me the error.

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