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    Remote scriping problem in Classic ASP with newer Java updates

      I have a Classic ASP application that has been experiencing a problem due to its use of Remote Scripting. The application has been slated for replacement, but I am trying to find a way to band-aid it until the replacement is online.

      Users of this application who have Java 1.6 Update 27 or higher will experience session loss whenever a remote scripting call is made. This application works fine with Updates 26 and under. But the newer updates break something, although I'm not exactly sure what. I've worked with Microsoft Developer Support (my organization has a support contract with MS), and we've ironed out that the problem the users are experiencing Session loss from Remote Scripting calls. Classic ASP handles this inside the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on the client's machine.

      I'm trying to see if I can work out something as a temporary fix. Again, this application is slated for replacement so please do not just tell me that I need to move from Classic ASP.

      Any help would be appreciated.