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    GONAV link in cell displays extra characters in export to Excel

      Hello All,

      I am having an issue with exporting to an Excel spread sheet. I am using OBIEE 11G. I have a report that in the first column I have a GONAV link that when clicked drills you to another analytics report in a different subject area. The drill works perfectly but when you export to excel the column with the GONAV link looks like this-
      "@""';">FY 11 DataStore. How do I get rid of the extra data that is coming in from the JavaScript ("@""';">)?

      This is the code located in the cell @[html]"<font class=Nav onclick=\"javaScript:GoNav(event, '/shared/ERT/Sol/Sol Report', Report','Sol Title','"@"','_blank');\">"@""

      The extra characters do not show up in PDF export.

      Please Help!