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    Custom Email not working in AIA catch block


      I am facing issue in working with Email activity in catch block of AIA Process. I am using this Email activity along with the default AIA Error Notification. (Added it just above default Error Notification service)

      I am able to receive mail through the default error notification service but not getting any email through the custom email activity which is placed in the same catch block.

      But whenever this custom email activity is put in the main scope (process scope) it is working fine. This shows that the Server Email configuration for this is fine.

      We are using AIA 3.0 (Foundation Pack) with Jdeveloper version

      Kindly help me out, urgently need to crack this.


      Hi All,

      We didnot recieve any response for this thread on Forums, therefore we raised an SR to Oracle for the same issue.
      The Oracle came to the conclusion that we can never use the Email activity inside the catch block of any SOA/AIA process. because that activity will be rolled back.
      Hence Email activity is not working there.

      the solution is to create a another Async BPEL Process to send the email and then Call this newly created process inside the catch block of the main process.

      I hope this wil help the other people incase they face the same issue.



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