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    Discoverer Desktop Cache usage


      Can somebody clarify little bit desktop cache usage and ways to control it via setup (registry)?

      End users have found strange behaviour that when workbook is closed and opened again after data changes in database, workbook will not show up-to-date data.

      I have reproduced this with
      Desktop Client
      Desktop Client

      For Viewer I found note stating that Oracle doesn't position Discoverer "for" real- time reporting ...
      How Discoverer deals with data in real- time systems [ID 1372946.1]
      Applies to:
      Oracle Discoverer - Version: to - Release: 10.1.2 to 11g
      Information in this document applies to any platform.
      While using the Discoverer viewer if a report is based on a table that refreshes frequently, it is noticed that the data is not refreshed automatically.
      Even if the report is based on a parameter, reentering the parameters values and hitting go still doesn't show the new data.
      This is the expected behavior as Discoverer is a Business Intelligence reporting tool that is not designed to deal with real time data.
      it would only report static data and not data that is dynamic.

      Discoverer fetches the query results into cache, so changing a parameter values will not cause a re-run of the query on the database.
      If the 're-run' is needed then the option 're-run query must be actively selected'.

      Hitting the database for every query is a costly operation.
      This is why a specific link 'Re-run Query' was given to force hitting the DB when a user wants to see updated data.
      Thanks in advance