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    AmberPoint, BTM and Centralized Policy

      I am trying to find options for centralizing web service policy across not just OFMW but also 3rd party products, e.g. WebSphere, JBoss, .NET etc. It seems that AmberPoint provided this cross platform policy capability before they were bought out.

      My problems is that with Oracles aquisition of AmberPoint and the subsequent merge of the AmberPoint product into Oracle Business Transaction Management any useful information as to whether this capability has been maintained seem nigh on impossible to track down.

      I can and will ultimately ask our Oracle rep, but if anyone has any experience or understand as to whether Oracle BTM can offer a centralized policy layer across numerous vendors then I would greatly appreciate a steer in this regards.

      Note: I am solely interested in centralized policy - i.e. being able to dynamically apply WS-Policy or WS-Security to services after design time. I am not really interested in the end to end monitory that BTM is selling itself on.

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