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    storage configuration suggestion is required

      hi friends

      we have new project .................so we are planning the configuration

      we have 100gb through band width oer month

      we have to store huge data as we get 1.2 tb per year

      please let me know how we can plan ?

      backup devices------tapes and hard drive-----how much hard disk is needed initally?
      san --------------how much storage tb should we maintain?

      our server configuration is as follows from hosting team

      please explain each of it which is given below
      and please tell me what is raid1 ,raid2,raid3

      Quad Core Xeon X3430 6 GB DDRIII RAM
      2 X 2 TB SATA Hard Drive Raid 1 Windows 2008 Standard Edition MySQL

      thanks for help :-)
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          If you have already RAID1 on server (provided) then it would be enough. Forget about it.

          If you look for data storage solution with some fault tolerance, you should rather look for RAID5 solution. It gives you nice read performance and can survive one disk failure in a volume (in basic setup). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID5#RAID_5

          If you want to have all data accessible on demand, choose storage array which could be upgraded with expansion trays to extend storage space. If you have short data retention cycle you may drop that 1.2 TB onto tapes and reuse array's space. It also depends on required performance. If you want quick access, you should go for FC drives, if you want to cut costs and store data, consider SATA. Possibilities are countless.. You need to define your requirements and budget more granularly and then narrow areas of interest.

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