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    RAID5 reorganization

      I have a doubt regarding RAID5 reorganization. Suppose we have a RAID5 group consisting of 6 disks in a storage system. Suppose, one disk (call it d1) is unreachable i.e the disk component does not fail but some component (for example, some network cable) to reach that disk has failed. Although the data in d1 is valid, the data in d1 is inaccessible. In this scenario, will the reorganization will start or some field repairperson will try to repair/replace that component? Replacing a component seems to take less time than reorganization because reorganization is very costly with respect to time . Also, data in d1 is valid (so just repairing that component will make everything fine).
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          If data on whole RAID5 changed since d1 fault, then replacement and resync needs to be carried out (data rebuild from parity info on remaining disks). It means any write operation on RAID5 with d1 excluded.

          If data is intact, i.e. only read I/O then path restoration to d1 might be an option.