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    INST-6180 while configuring OIM for Fusion Apps


      I'm trying to configure OIM for use with Fusion Applications according to

      Oracle® Fusion Middleware
      Enterprise Deployment Guide for Oracle Identity Management
      (Oracle Fusion Applications Edition)
      11g Release 1 (

      In chapter 13 I've executed:

      "13.3 Extending the Domain to Configure Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle SOA Suite on IDMHOST1", which basically is the ORACLE_COMMON_HOME/common/bin/config.sh wizard, now I'm on step "13.4 Configuring Oracle Identity Manager on IDMHOST1" which requires the execution of $IAM_ORACLE_HOME/bin/config.sh wizard.

      In this wizard on the WebLogic Administration Server screen, after providing the t3:// url to my admin server I'm getting INST-6180: Error while retrieving OIM managed server URL from the domain.

      I've been reading some similar posts about this error but they all point to the fact that the ORACLE_COMMON_HOME/common/bin/config.sh wizard was not execute, which is not my case.

      Any clues?

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          Florin Pop-Oracle
          Most probably when run the domain extension script you had the Admin Server up and in fact you did not extended properly the domain.


          "You can use the Configuration Wizard only when there is no server running."

          Check the script was indeed successful and the domain properly extended by looking in the Admin Server console Servers tab and make sure that what you see there is what you expect. I assume this is not the case.
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            Thanks for you reply.

            I did stop the managed servers as requested by the documentation before extending the domain. Anyway what is not stated in the documentation is that you also have to bounce the admin server after the domain has been extended and before starting the OIM configuration wizard.

            Doing so I've been able to solve the issue.