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    Whats the minimum level I need to install.

      Ive written an application (windows forms application created in Visual Studio 2010) that accesses an Oracle 11g database (Windows XP).

      It works great on my development machine and works great on a client machine by installing the full ODTwithODAC package but I want to minimise the install footprint and make this application as easy as possible to deploy to several hundred clients.

      So my question is what is the minimum package I need to install to get this application to work.

      We use SCCM to deploy applications out to clients so something that is easy to package would be best :o)

      Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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          The xcopy version available from the download page will be easier to deploy, so I'd start there. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/windows/downloads/index-101290.html

          If you want to try to pare it down more, take a look at this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/923283/what-is-the-minimal-setup-required-to-deploy-a-net-application-with-oracle-clie

          Sometime this year there will be a "managed" ODP.net, which for a .net app will make it really easy to deploy. Not available yet though.