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    Requests per second

      Hi all,
      I would get or calculate how many requests per second (ReqsPerSec) my WS is doing (average in a period).
      I looked at the Admin console monitoring data and at perfdump output.
      From console I get AvgReqs in last 15'. Iis it correct to calculate ReqsPerSec = AvgReqs / 900 ?
      From perfdump I get average RequestProcessingTime. Is it correct to calculate ReqsPerSec = 1 / RequestProcessingTime ?
      Which is the most correct/accurate way to get it?
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          correct one is ReqsPerSec = AvgReqs / 900

          That is the average ops/sec in last 15 minute. Note that ops/sec will keep changing every second.

          1 / RequestProcessingTime can be very wrong because denominator could be very small. Besides it is the approximate ops/second since the server is started.
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            Thanks a lot for your clarification.
            perfdump is indeed very handy because it can be scheduled in crontab vs looking at console monitoring data. Do you think I could calculate ReqsPerSec from perfdump output data too?
            For instance perfdump reports also "Average Connections Over Last 15 Minutes".
            Could be usefull for that?
            Many thanks again.
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              If you really need reqs/second then you can do so by :
              a) at time t1, collect perf-dump and get total requests served (say r1)
              b) at time t2, collect perf-dump and get total requests served (say r2)

              So avg rq/sec = (r2 - r1)/(t2 - t1)

              So you can yourself collect rq/sec based on last x minutes (or since the server start).

              Just curious what do you want to do with rq/sec?