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    Is version control system (e.g. Subversion) required to be installed on EBS

      In the ACMP 4.0 User Guide there is no explicit details as to where a SVN (Subversion) server should reside.

      In the 'Create File Source Mapping' screen of ACMP, the 'Command' field defaults to 'svn cat file:///usr/local/svn/%product_code%/%file_path%/%file_name% > %file_name%' which hints that both 'svn' client S/W as well as 'svn' server S/W is installed locally on EBS host.

      Our EBS instances are running on AIX servers. My question is about whether the SVN server can reside outside the AIX/EBS server - preferably on a Windows server. If so, what should the 'Stage Path' and 'Command' fields for 'Create File Source Mapping' be?

      Is SVN client S/W required on AIX/EBS server anyway in order to acces SVN on Windows server? Or can the 'Command' be tailored to always use Windows server with SVN S/W? (i.e. no SVN S/W at all on AIX/EBS server).
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          in ACMP we need mainly 2 things: the file and the version information. In terms of your question it doesn't matter where your subversion is installed, as long as ACMP can connect and can retrieve the file and the information.

          If your source files are outside of the current server, the command "svn cat" may fail. In this case you can change the command to any valid command which returns your file. It can be a simple copy but also an ftp command would fit. If your svn sits on a windows machine, you need to define a command to get the data from that machine.

          In case you need more than one line to retrieve the file, you can create a custom script instead, and put the script name at the same place as the "svn cat". Please make sure that the script accepts at least one parameter, the file name. (usually two are common, one for file name and one for the version).

          The stage path is to my knowledge used to compile and package the custom patches itself. This shall be and stay on EBS server side.

          In summary:
          - the server where the svn is installed can be any reachable environment, has not to be the EBS server
          - change the command to a working command line to get your individual files

          Final Suggestion:
          Working with a version control system (VC) is always suggested. Retrieving the expected file version is the base for a good configuration management. VCs command line mode allows you to specify a server which may sit outside of your current environment.

          Any further question is welcome,