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    upgrade OLEDB provider


      We found a bug in Oracle OLEDB Provider what released with 11g (R1 or R2) client.
      It give size of text type columns (e.g. nvarchar2) wrongly (double size as it is in character).
      I found that version of it was repaired and free of this bug.
      It is part of ODAC, but I can not install it to remain the oracle client properly working.
      Net Manager disappear (freeze with close) when I push 'test' button during create a new net service.

      So my question is:
      how can I upgrade OLEDB provider (e.g. with new ODAC installation) and the client tools (net manager, SQL* Plus)
      remain working?

      In previous versions (as I remember 9i, 10g) it was not problem to install ODAC into the same oracle home.
      I had try to install it into new oracle home, but it result to the same.