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Dynamic Checkboxes on Interactive Report

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I have an interactive report that currently lists a row of values:


I would like to place a text-field at the top of this interactive report with a submit button:

[textbox] [submit button]

Field 1

Then I would like to have checkboxes [] appear in each row:

[textbox] [submit button]

Field1 | Checkbox
Val1 | []
Val2 | []
Val3 | []

Then I would like to make it so that the user enters some text into the textbox and selects any number of the row checkboxes. Upon hitting submit, a procedure will run that accepts each Field1 value and inserts a record into a table containing 2 fields: the Field1 value and the textbox text.

So the following user input:

[Test text in the textbox.] [submit button]

Field1 | Checkbox
Val1 | []
Val2 | [x]
Va3 | [x]

After hitting the submit button, a procedure would be called that would insert 2 records into a table:

Field1 | Field2
Val2 | Test text in the textbox.
Val3 | Test text in the textbox.

Note that there is no entry for Val1 because its checkbox was not checked when the user pressed submit.

What can I do to make this happen? I appreciate any help you can offer.


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