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    How and When Sub-Ledger Data is populated into XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS Table

      Hello Gurus

      I have been working on a Sub-Ledger Accounting and I could get a fair idea of how data is being transferred from XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS to XLA_AE_LINES and XLA_AE_HEADERS. As per my understanding, During "Create Accounting" process, data from XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS will be summed up based on JOUNRAL_LINE_TYPES rules and conditions to load into XLA_AE_LINES and XLA_AE_HEADERS. Then during "Transfer to GL" process, data from XLA_AE_LINES and XLA_AE_HEADERS is transferred to GL Tables. What I didn't understand is how and When data gets loaded into XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS. What are the rules and conditions and during which step data will be loaded to XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS table? Can somebody please explain me how data is transferred from Sub-Ledger Distribution Tables to SLA Distribution Table?