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    Exadata Strorage Servers & EMGC12c

      Dear All,

      i have EMGC12c and i deploy it to mointior Exadata

      i have some configration issuses

      important one is GC show me the Storage Servers down, i think there miss configratration bcz there are up and running

      plz help me

      Thanks in advance
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          Are they showing a metric collection error? If so, I just ran into this problem. The issue was that the /home/cellmonitor/.ssh directory didn't have the correct permissions:
          [root@dm03cel01 ~]# ls -al /home/cellmonitor/.ssh
          total 12
          drwx------ 2 root root 4096 Jan 11 12:42 .
          drwx------ 3 cellmonitor cellmonitor 4096 Jan 11 12:42 ..
          -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3726 Jan 13 09:57 authorized_keys
          This is incorrect. We had to change the ownership and permissions of the /home/cellmonitor/.ssh directory, and the /home/cellmonitor/.ssh/authorized_keys file:
          [root@dm03cel01 ~]# chown -Rf cellmonitor:cellmonitor /home/cellmonitor/.ssh
          [root@dm03cel01 ~]# chmod 700 /home/cellmonitor/.ssh
          [root@dm03cel01 ~]# chmod 600 /home/cellmonitor/.ssh/authorized_keys
          [root@dm03cel01 ~]# ls -al /home/cellmonitor/.ssh
          total 16
          drwx------ 2 cellmonitor cellmonitor 4096 Jan 18 09:12 .
          drwx------ 3 cellmonitor cellmonitor 4096 Jan 18 09:04 ..
          -rw------- 1 cellmonitor cellmonitor 4551 Jan 18 09:03 authorized_keys
          You can test the connectivity by running "ssh cellmonitor@<cell_hostname> cellcli -e list cell" from the database server that is monitoring the cell. If it asks for a password, you still have a connectivity issue.

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