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    First step on NoSQL and Java API

      Hi, all!

      A long time i was Oracle DB developer. But i'm not a great expert on Java. Nowday i want try and learn Oracle NoSQL database. I already read documentation, but i don`t understand how start.
      After reading i understand main principles.
      With documentation support a can start kvlite instance.

      I want write first program, which can do usual thing (insert, select, delete, update...). But i don`t can do it, even using the documentation.

      1) Code listing in the documentation are not complete, it is incomprehensible code snippets.
      2) I don't know how use it(best practices), make any jar, or run on client machine...

      If it possoble give please some examples, and some tips to start working with NoSQL database.

      Thank you in advance!
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          You may need to first learn more about writing Java programs. There are two example programs included -- have you looked at them?
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            I have not practical experience programing on Java (i look some master class and read book by Bruce Ekkel).
            I dot know how start...
            I look some examples in http://docs.oracle.com/cd/NOSQL/html/GettingStartedGuide/Oracle-NoSQLDB-GSG.pdf, but it is not full listing, and i don`t know how use it.
            I need any reference on practical examples.

            Thank you in advance!
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              Look at the examples in the NoSQL DB distribution. They are in the "examples" directory.