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    Renaming DNS - URL forwarding.

      We had SGD server installed at https://info-globaldesk.hs.uci.edu. We renamed it to http://myresearch.hs.uci.edu. Every thing works fine, except we don't want user to see https://info-globaldesk.hs.uci.edu any more.

      Some users have book marked https://info-globaldesk.hs.uci.edu/sgd/index.jsp?langSelected=en, in this case, it loads same SGD but keep the same address in stead of http://myresearch.hs.uci.edu.

      I couldn't figure out the issue. Any help would be much appreciated.


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          you can use standard Apache URL redirection so that https://info-globaldesk.hs.uci.edu redirects to http://myresearch.hs.uci.ed, see apache.org for details. This is not unique to SGD
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            Thank you, great suggestion.

            Definitely this is good work around but I am confused, why SGD even recognize https://info-globaldesk.hs.uci.edu/sgd/index.jsp?langSelected=en at all?

            Under ‘Desktop administration control’, I have:

            Secure Global Desktop Servers: info-globaldesk.hs.uci.edu
            And under ‘General’, External DNS Names, is listed as *:myresearch.hs.uci.edu

            In DNS server IP is listed as myResearch.hs.uci.edu as A record
            But has CNAME record as info-globaldesk.hs.uci.edu

            I don’t think CNAME should make any difference, or am I misunderstanding something?