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    How to monitor garbage collection activity for WebLogic 10.3.5 HotSpot JVM

      We're running a 4-node Coherence cluster with WebLogic 10.3.5 and the HotSpot JVM. We're seeing very long full GC collections (several minutes is not uncommon) and I'd like to monitor the GC activity in real time. I tried using Visual VM with Visual GC plugin, but the plugin tab displays only "Not supported for this JVM" (I'm running jvisualvm from the WL JDK installation). I also tried the WL Admin Console, but I can't find either the Dashboard or the Charts & Graphs section described in the Admin Console help.

      Can anyone suggest a way to monitor GC activity in real time? If you have Visual GC working with WL, can you list the JMX options, etc., that you used to get it working? If you have something interesting in the Admin Conosle, can you tell me how you set it up? Or, if there are other tools that provide the same info, I'd appreciate some links to those tools. (At this point, changing JVMs is not an option, so I can't use JRockit, etc.)