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    Remote Database


      i need your help for a very urgent problem:
      i wrote a programm with OCCI for an Oracle 11g database.
      Now i want this programm to be executet on another pc than the databse is located (here on the local pc is runs fine).
      The problem is that tthe method environment->createconnection doesnt work, the application crashes.
      I Gave the method the user, passworrt, and a string with ip, port and service name (the service name is XE in this case).
      What should i doo in order to get the connection work?
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          Can you post what is the version of Oracle Client & version of Microsoft Visual Studio you are using on the pc where it crashed.
          You need to ensure you have the same version of Visual Studio on the pc as the one used to build the OCCI dll's.
          You can check the release notes/documentation for that information.