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    How to map raw LUN to zone

      I need to map a couple LUNs to a zone, the LUNs can't be formatted with a file system because they're for Oracle's ASM. Traditionally I would edit /etc/zones/zone.xml and use <device match="/dev/rdsk/...."/>. But I want to do it the Ops Center way this time.

      I figured I would need to create an FC Storage Library. I went through the steps to create the library, but the LUNs are not visible in Ops Center. I have a ZFS formatted LUN on the same server that is visible to Ops Center however.

      So my question is, how do I map a raw LUN to a zone via Ops Center?

      Also, does a Storage Library require formatted LUNs?

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          I assume you're on Ops Center 11g Update 3? If the Agent on the system with the LUNs has been running for awhile, Ops Center should have found any LUNs available to allow you to autopopulate the FC Library. Or at least you should be able to add individual LUNs to the Library for testing.

          Does "mpathadm list LU" on the Agent system show the LUNs? If so, when you run "mpathadm show LU <disk>" on one of them (i.e. "mpathadm show LU /dev/rdsk/c0t60000230000192700384523030454352d0s2") what does it show for the "Name" of the disk? It should be a full IEEE 32-char disk name (like "60000230000192700384523030454352" from the previous example). If you see a shortened name (i.e 16-chars) then it's not going to work: perhaps you're using something like EMC PowerPath for redundancy and not Solaris MPxIO? MPxIO is required for Ops Center 11g to manage LUNs in a FC library.

          Once you can get OC to see the LUNs... everything else should "just work" :)


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            We are using MPxIO and the Name field is 32 bit. I tried restarting the agent on the global zone, no change. Very weird....
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              You can populate a FC Library by cut-and-pasting in the 32-char disk IDs. You could add one or two by hand to at least see if it works: then contact support if autodiscovery seems broken.


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                Yep, that's what I did - manually added it, and it worked. But it doesn't seem to give me the functionality that I had expected. It seems like it allows me to create more zfs file systems for the zone ("Add File System"), not a raw disk map to the zone like I wanted. From the zone I should be able to run format and see the disk...

                Do you know if it's possible to do this from Ops Center, or do I need to do it the old fashioned way and use "device match" in /etc/zones/zonename.xml ?

                Thanks for your help.
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                  I do not believe there is a way to do it using the BUI [or ops center]

                  you would need to use zoncfg to add the device match=...
                  [or you could edit the xml but thats not a recommended way]

                  maybe use an operational plan to do the changes to the zone post install.