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    Add 2 custom columns in 'View Contracts' page

      We are using iSupport 11.5.10.

      In 'View Contracts' page(oksEntitlementsSimpleSearch.jsp), we have a requirement to add 2 custom columns - Serial Number and Location.

      We did some analysis of relevant JAVA and PLSQL code. We can think of following approach:
      1) (PLSQL) Customize OKS_ENTITLEMENTS_PUB.output_rec_contract record type, to add serial number and location columns.
      Customize OKS_ENTITLEMENTS_PVT.search_contracts/Search_Contracts_01_Format APIs, to populate serial number and location.

      2) (PLSQL) Customize oks_entitlements_web.output_rec_contract record type, add serial number and location columns.
      Customize oks_entitlements_web.simple_srch_rslts, to populate x_contract_tbl output table from l_contract_tbl.

      3) (JAVA) Customize EntitlementsWeb.simpleSrchRslts, to create and populate aoutputreccontract.
      Also Customize OutputRecContract member class to add Serial Number and location.

      4) (JAVA) Make changes in Dataprocessor.processSimpleSearchEvent to populate Serial Number and location.

      5) (JSP) Customize oksEntitlementsSimpleSearch.jsp, to add and populate Serial Number and location.

      Now we have few questions on this:

      1) Firstly please let us know if this approach is feasible. Are there any unsurmountable hurdles which we are missing?
      Is there any important step which we are missing.

      2) We are unable to see details of OutputRecContract member class in EntitlementsWeb. How can we see its details so that we can customize it?

      3) Where to populate Serial Number and location columns from (table,column)?

      Any prompt suggestion/help in this regard is highly appreciated.