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EPM Services

maxmaveric Newbie
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I have installed EPM on a Windows 2008 Server with Essbase.

I need the correct order of service restart.I cannot login in Essbase and shared service console after system restart.
Error"Couldnot connect to the admin server <servername>"

Moreover a service Oracled_hyperion_epmsys~1d_hyperion_user_projects_epmsystem1ConfigurationManager is installed along with other services.I don't understand the use of that service.

The list of services are

Oracle Process Manager (EPM_epmsystem1)
Oracle Process Manager (ohsInstance3474459276)
Hyperion Foundation Services-Managed server Application
Hyperion Administration services-Web application
Hyperion Studio Service BPMS bpms1
hyperion Integration Services
Hyperion Provider Services

Thanks in Advance
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    JohnGoodwin Oracle ACE
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    The order of start up is not as important as in previous releases, most important is the rdbms is up and running.
    If you want to log into Shared Services then "Hyperion Foundation Services-Managed server Application" should be running
    For essbase - Oracle Process Manager (EPM_epmsystem1)
    EAS - Hyperion Administration services-Web application

    If you having problems then check the logs in <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>\user_projects\<instancename>\diagnostics\logs\services


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    maxmaveric Newbie
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    Thanks a lot for your suggestion John.

    But I still don't understand why the service named Oracled_hyperion_epmsys~1d_hyperion_user_projects_epmsystem1ConfigurationManager running on my system.
    none of the oracle docs state about this service.

    My server is windows 2008 server running on VM.Does this VM has anything to do with that service.

    Thankx in Advance

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    JohnGoodwin Oracle ACE
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    I dont think OCM will probably not much value to you but here is the info from the docs

    "Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) integrates with My Oracle Support and provides configuration information for Oracle software. It assists in the troubleshooting, maintenance, and diagnostics of your EPM System deployment.”


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    NathanG Newbie
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    The start.bat script does the job. It takes a while to excute though.


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    Vasavya Chowdary Expert
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    if u want to run manully through bat file
    create notepad

    netstart "Oracle Process Manager (EPM_epmsystem1)"
    netstart "Oracle Process Manager (ohsInstance3474459276)"
    netstart "Oracled_hyperion_epmsys~1d_hyperion_user_projects_epmsystem1ConfigurationManager"
    netstart "Hyperion Foundation Services-Managed server Application"
    netstart "Hyperion Administration services-Web application"
    netstart "Hyperion Studio Service BPMS bpms1"
    netstart "hyperion Integration Services"
    netstart "Hyperion Provider Services"

    to stop use

    give extension .bat

    this could another approach
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    maxmaveric Newbie
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    Upon inspection I found the service Oracled_hyperion_epmsys~1d_hyperion_user_projects_epmsystem1ConfigurationManager trying to run file
    nmz.exe ,nmesrvc.exe.

    Does this has anything to do with server security?
    I tried installing EPM on my personal Computer but this weird server didn't get registered.

    Please Suggest

    Thanks in Advance
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    JohnGoodwin Oracle ACE
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    It is just OCM (Oracle Configuration Manager) and I have already provided an explanation of what it is.


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    maxmaveric Newbie
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    Thanks John for you replies.

    However after checking the LOGS I found that Foundation Services and Admin Services couldn't start

    ( Jan 17, 2012 05.11.16 AM ) Pass [00 min 15 sec] Starting OHS
    ( Jan 17, 2012 05.21.22 AM ) Fail [10 min 03 sec] Starting FoundationServices
    ( Jan 17, 2012 05.29.08 AM ) Pass [07 min 44 sec] Starting AnalyticProviderServices
    ( Jan 17, 2012 05.29.24 AM ) Pass [00 min 15 sec] Starting BPMS_bpms1_Server
    ( Jan 17, 2012 05.29.25 AM ) Pass [   Unknown   ] Starting EisServer
    ( Jan 17, 2012 05.29.25 AM ) Pass [   Unknown   ] Starting Essbase
    ( Jan 17, 2012 05.40.25 AM ) Fail [10 min 58 sec] Starting EssbaseAdminServices
    ( Jan 17, 2012 05.40.25 AM ) Pass [   Unknown   ] Starting ocm

    On manually starting Foundation Services the LOG says

    Detected Java version: 1.6 in: D:\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_21\jre
    Detected OS: Windows Server 2008 R2
    parsing buildfile D:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\common\config\\resources\instance\start.xml with URI = file:/D:/Oracle/Middleware/EPMSystem11R1/common/config/
    Project base dir set to: D:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\common\config\\resources\instance
    [] Could not load definitions from resource org/apache/tools/ant/antlib.xml. It could not be found.
    [property] Loading Environment env.
    Build sequence for target(s) `start' is [start]
    Complete build sequence is [start, stop, ]

    ( Jan 17, 2012 07.35.14 AM ) Fail [10 min 07 sec] Starting FoundationServices

    Total time: 10 minutes 11 seconds

    Can you please help with this LOG.

    Thanks in Advance

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    maxmaveric Newbie
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    The Services start-up problem is solved by increasing the JVM size for each services under windows registry.


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