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    1z0-515 compress data partitions questions

      1z0-515 Question :- What would you do to compress data in partitions that are frequently updated in Oracle database 11g?
      As per testking.com the answer is
      Option A – Use Hybrid Columnar Compression

      But as per http://www.expertoracleexadata.com/
      •     Records that will be updated should not be compressed to eliminate row migration.
      •     Locking issues :- Updating a single row of a table compressed with HCC locks the entire compression unit containing the row. This can cause extreme contention issues for OLTP-type systems. This is the main reason that HCC is not recommended for tables (or partitions) where the data will be updated.

      Please can I know what the correct answer is?
      The other options for the above 1z0-515 questions are :-
      Option B User Advanced Compression Option
      Option C User Hybrid Partitions
      Option D Avoid compression any data