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    SolStudio 12.2 installed via IPS - no suitable "Build Tools" can be found.


      I've managed to set up a local repository for SolStudio 12.2 and then installed it on my Solaris 11 desktop.
      The problem is that the "Build Tools" ( following the menus: Tools | Options | C/C++ ) are not set/detected correctly and I get the following message in a dialog:

      No suitable compilers were found on your system. The IDE needs a suitable set of compilers and other build tools in order to work correctly.
      If you already have compilers on your system but they were not found, do one of the following:

      1) Exit the IDE, add your compilers to your PATH environment variable, and restart the IDE.

      2) Open the Build Tool dialog in Tools | Options | C/C++ | Build Tools and add your compiler(s) to the setup.
      If you do not already have compilers on your system, do:

      3) Download and install a suitable set of compilers and restart the IDE.
      Visit http://netbeans.org/community/releases/69/cpp-setup-instructions.html for further assistance in installing and configuring a build environment.

      Do you know how to fix it?

      Thanks in advance,