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    Cell Software - installation

      Imaging the cell server.
      Can someone point me how to use the makeImagemedia.sh for cell server?

      I downloaded the documentation from the cell server. So, if you can point me to right metalink doc or documentation, would be helpful.
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          Marc Fielding
          Hello user13040671,

          makeImagemedia.sh is typically only used when specifically directed to by Oracle support. It would be helpful if you told us why you're looking to run makeImagemedia.sh.

          (Although I suspect the MOS document you're referring to is 1084360.1)

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            Hello Marc,
            Thanks for the pointer, but I am looking for bare metal restore for a cell server.

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              For bare metal restore of a cell, check the owner's guide for Exadata. In the latest versions, it's in chapter 7. To reimage a cell, you'll utilize the internal USB recovery media. The USB recovery media contains backup copies of the configuration for that specific cell, so that when it's finished, you don't have to go back and reconfigure the cell when it's done. Note that this should only be performed at the behest of Oracle support, as I've seen a couple of bugs in the restore procedure that made it pretty much unusable on older versions (below

              More importantly, what's the problem you're facing that is making you have to reimage a cell?
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                Thanks for looking in...i would guess that J.Arneil has answered my question in his blog:

                I would like to try out the EXACT similar approach with the cell node.
                Unless, I have questions along my exciting journey, I trust not to trouble you.

                Again, thanks for your attention into this.
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                  Got the CELLBOOT USB, alright.

                  Just for HOO-HAAs (inspired by Jarneil's blog), tried to boot a VM in Virtual Box and got this error:

                  [ERROR] get_node_type: Not a supported hardware model Virtualbox. dmidecode -s system-product-name returns invalid value

                  Folks ever stumbled on this one?
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                    Installing the exadata storage software on other things than the real hardware from Oracle is forbidden. Don't follow that road.