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    2D Engine ?

      What are some of the best Java 2D engines??

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          Do you mean engine as in a pre-built engine?
          Or the graphics library, if so use Slick graphics for 2d games, its great.

          As for pre-built engines I don't really know of many.

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            valor wrote:
            What are some of the best Java 2D engines??
            There is no such thing. Try to write down for yourself what a "2d engine" should be able to do. The only thing you'll end up with is that you install Eclipse, yank a couple of libraries off the net (graphics, physics, networking, etc.) and then you start to write code; you won't come up with something that can coherently be used to create a multiscrolling platform game, a 2.5d RPG like Zelda (yes, its still 2D), a side scrolling or vertical scrolling shoot em up, a board game, tetris, break out, a clone of Last Ninja, etc. etc.


            EDIT: ARGH! Forgot to check the date of the original post. Why are one-post wonders consistently resurrecting old threads recently?