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    WSDL auto create for packages

      I'm using Oracle Native Web Services and I have some questions about the automatic creation of WSDLs when you create packages.

      1) Is a WSDL created for every package that you create? What about already existing packages - do these need to be recompiled in order for a WSDL to be created? Is there a way to turn off automatic WSDL creation for specific packages?

      2) Is there any impact to database performance now that Native Web Services are enabled and we have created all of these WSDLs?

      Thanks in advance for your input on these questions.

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          The WSDL is created on the fly when the WSDL is requested. They are not cached or pre-generated. The overhead of creating the WSDL is very small so the impact should not be significant. Typicually the number of requests for the WSDL is very small percentage of the number of request to the service.