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    Upgrading item plugin from ExtJS3 to ExtJS4

    Robert Schaefer
      Hi all,

      when developing an ExtJS-widget as an Apex item plugin, it's typically to use the "applyTo"-config option.

      For example in the rendering function of the plugin, there will be at first a HTML-Input-Item generated:
      sys.htp.p('<input type="text" id="combotest" .... />');
      Afterwards this input-element will be converted to i.e. an ExtJS-Combobox:
      Ext.create('Ext.form.ComboBox', { applyTo: 'combotest', .... });
      This works fine in ExtJS3. But because of the way the rendering process has been restructured, in ExtJS4 the "applyTo"-config option was deprecated. There is no comparable replacement for "applyTo", "contentEl" doesn't work on input items.

      This should be a quite common problem when working with ExtJS4. Does anybody have a suggestion for this?

      Kind regards

      Btw: At Sencha-Forum there's a workaround to get "applyTo"-parameter back - this works fine, but it's no proper solution (inofficial and only for ExtJS4.1 (Beta!)):