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    Unable to login into MOBILE SERVER


      I installed mobile server(OLITE_10. successfully. I started mobile server and downloaded setup.exe for the mobile device with Windows CE 5.0. I just double clicked it, it asked for username and password. I entered the default values MOBILEADMIN/MOBILEADMIN(given while installation for the repository). It's saying Invalid Username and password. Please help me how to install mobile client?

      -Krishna Mohan
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          MOBILEADMIN is the username for Mobile Server's repository, not a valid Mobile user.

          To install Mobile Client, you need to create a Mobile user first (if you specified to install sample during mobile server installation, then you should have JOHN/JOHN, JACK/JACK and other sample users). Just in case you didn't install samples, try this:
          1. Go to Mobile Manager (from your Internet Browser, access http://<IP>:<Port>/webtogo);
          2. Select your mobile server, and under the Users tab create a User there;
          3. Input the username/password you just create to install the mobile client software stack on your Windows Mobile device/ or simulator.

          Winnie Hu
          Oracle Berkeley DB and Mobile Server Development
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            Thanks Winnie. I accessed the index page from http://<IP>:<Port>/webtogo from the hand held with Windows CE 5.0 and downloaded setup.exe (Oracle Lite PPC2003 ARMV4) from setup tab. When I tried to install it, it's prompting for username and password. I provided Administrator/Administrator (which were set while installing Mobile Server), but giving error saying that Invalid username/password.

            Please help. I have to install oracle lite in the hand held.
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              I couldn't find Users tab here. I have 4 tabs on the index page. Logon, Setup, File Sync and Help. I installed Mobile Server(OLITE_10. successfully. Please help me installing Oracle lite client in Hand Held device.

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                You need to log in your mobile server first. Please refer to section "4 Managing Users and Groups" in document "Oracle® Database Lite Administration and Deployment Guide, Release 10.3".

                Winnie Hu
                Oracle Berkeley DB and Mobile Server Development
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                  I followed the guide but I could not find the Users tab. I clicked on mobile server it navigated to the next page but where I didn't find Users tab.

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                    It sounds like you are still going in as a setup connection.
                    When you set up the mobile server you should have got the URL/port for it. call this URL from IE. First page that comes up asks to user name and password and looks like oracle grid type screens. here you need to log in as the administrator account you used when you set up the mobile server.
                    next you should get a screen that lists the mobile servers you have (unless there is a backup only one line should be shown) click on the mobile server name to activate the URL
                    sould now have a page with 2 main tabs at the top, mobile servers and device manager, and you are in the mobile server page.
                    mobile server page has tabs for applications, users, etc and URL links further down to data synchronisation and the job scheduler

                    If you are not seeing this than either the URL is wrong (should be in the form <server>/webtogo) NOT <server>/webtogo/setup as that is the user download area, or the login you are using is not set up as an administrator (administrator/administrator is the default if i remember correctly)

                    URLS are similar, but remember that login as administrator to MANAGE and CONFIGURE the services, login as a user to USE the services
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                      Thanks Gary. I was asked to enter the following information during the installation of Mobile Server.
                      1) Database Administrator Username and Password (Default user shown as "SYSTEM")
                      2) Database details like Host, Port, SID
                      3) Password for default schema "MOBILEADMIN"
                      4) When I check install demo applications, prompted to enter password for demo schema "master"

                      Thats it. It nowhere else asked for administrator account details. Please help me create administrative account.
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                        username administrator
                        pass admin

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                          Thank u vasileios. I was able to login. I have to install oracle mobile client onto hand held device with Windows CE. The guide says Oracle Lite Win32 is the setup file for Windows CE, but it says invalid file when click the downloaded setup.exe. I tried with Oracle Lite PPC 2003 ARMV4, it installed successfully, but saying invalid file when i click 'mysync' file.

                          Help me out.
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                            in order to install the appropriate cab file on the handheld you simply open from the handheld the internet explorer ->navigate to the webtogo page->select the setup (do not login) and then select your version. you say windows ce 5.0. it is
                            my best guess that you must download the windows mobile 5.0 cab file, the 2003 was for the older ones so your are probably downloading the wrong file.
                            we are using windows mobile 6 and 6.5 and we download the ppc60 cab file. you try the ppc50. btw download the latest patches, there are quite a lot for 10gr3 and some fix some very important issues. if you install the latest patches
                            then you dont need to install the first ones since every one includes the previous.

                            finally when you say windows ce you mean ce not windows mobile right?the win32 is for desktop computers under windows xp, vista,etc etc only.(the invalid file message makes sense because it is a win32 application)
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                              on the other hand the help file says something diffrent:

                              (you did say your on 10gr3 olite right?)
                              3.2.2 Installing Standard SDK WinCE 5.0 CAB Files for Your Mobile Client

                              By default, the Windows 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and Mobile 6 CAB files are installed with the Mobile Server and thus, are displayed as options on the Mobile client setup page. These CAB files are registered with the Mobile Server. However, if your Mobile client is a Standard SDK WinCE 5.0 platform, use one of the WCESTDSDK CAB files contained in the MDK install.
                              An Oracle Database Lite client platform consists of a CAB file, an Installation Configuration File (INF file) that describes how to install the files, and an INI file that specifies the platform.

                              The following steps describe how to install the Standard SDK WinCE platform:


                              The WCESTDSDK CAB file must be copied from the MDK install to either the Mobile Server or the Mobile client, as described below:

                              Option One: Register the WCESTDSDK CAB file on the Mobile Server. The Mobile Server client setup page displays the predefined client platforms that you can download and install on your Mobile client device.

                              If you want the Standard SDK WinCE CAB files to be displayed on the Mobile Server client setup page, then register the desired platform in the Mobile Server. After registration, the Mobile client can download the SDK CAB file from the Client setup page.

                              Find the unregistered CAB file for the desired platform and language in the MDK installation in the following directory:


                              Copy and rename the CAB file. The CAB files are named olite.<language>.<platform>.<chipset>.CAB. Rename the CAB file to olite.cab and copy it into a subdirectories according to language and client platform type relative to the <ORACLE_HOME>\mobile_oc4j\j2ee\mobileserver\applications\mobileserver\setup\ directory. Take note of the directory path as you will provide the location of the CAB file in the INF file. in the INF file.

                              Option Two: Copy the desired WCESTDSDK CAB file directly to the Mobile client from the <ORACLE_HOME>\Mobile\SDK\wince\<platform>\cabfiles\ directory. Each CAB file is named olite.<language>.<platform>.<chipset>.cab.
                              etc. etc. etc.
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                                Hi vasileios, thanks for your reply. I am unable to follow some steps in installing Standard SDK WinCE 5.0 CAB Files for Mobile Client(Windows CE). Please help me in carrying out the following.

                                1)Find the unregistered CAB file in the following directory:


                                Here under wince, I have platforms like ppc50, ppc60, ppc2003, stdsdk500.

                                What is the platform I can use for a device with Windows CE 5.0(ARM920T-PXA27x)?

                                2)After renaming it to olite.cab, where can place it? I have subdirectories like ppc50, ppc60, ppc2003, sqlite (cant find stdsdk500) in the following path


                                3)How to crreate .inf file and where to place it? I have subdirectories ppc50 ,ppc60, ppc2003 in the following path:


                                <item type='WINCE'>

                                Here what would src and des be?

                                4)After creating .INI file, where do I place it?
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                                  ok i understand your issue. it is very tricky.

                                  ok lets do it an easier way. your first thing is to make it work, your second thing is to make the working cab available through the webtogo->setup webpage.
                                  lets go for the 1st one.
                                  based on the help file, the correct wince cab file is in the
                                  'Here under wince, I have platforms like ppc50, ppc60, ppc2003, stdsdk500'

                                  ok since you have win ce 5 then copy the cab file from the stdsdk500 directly to your handheld device and install it. it will ask you the url of the server so give it , it should be something like server:port/webtogo

                                  if you install it and run the msync and all goes ok then we go for the 2nd one

                                  btw the msql.exe which is a small sql developer app for the handheld is in the tools...platform language...cab file, search it in the olite home folder. to be honest i dunno if there is one for the wince 5 platform, we have for win mob 6 . use it to access the downloaded db and see the tables
                                  let me know
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                                    i guess that based on the help file you need the olite.us.stdsdk500.armv4i.CAB and tools.us.stdsdk500.armv4i.CAB

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