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    Kernel Patch Update


      I have a question about updating the kernel patch to the latest version Can a kernel patch be directly updated from any lower version to the latest version by applying the latest patch even if the kernel patch number itself has changed like the below scenarios

      1. Can I directly update the kernel pacth 122300-51 to 122300-57
      2.Can I directly update the kernel patch 142909-17 to 144488-17

      Thanks in advance
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          Basically, yes, but you need to take care of the patch dependencies. Usually a kernel patch with a new patch ID will require the last revision of each former kernel patch to be installed first.

          Either you use patchadd on the most recent kernel patch you want to apply and then work yourself back through the patch dependencies, or you use PCA (http://www.par.univie.ac.at/solaris/pca/) which will do this job for you. Use e.g. "pca -l 144488" to get a list of all the patches which have to be installed first to get the system up to the wanted kernel patch level.