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    Bicubic downsampling API


      I have an image which is having 225 ppi. I want to apply bicubic downsampling on it to 150 ppi. Can I achieve this through Java Imaging APIs ?
      I tried using: AffineTransformOp aop = new AffineTransformOp(at, AffineTransformOp.TYPE_BICUBIC);
      But I did not get any option of specifying the target PPI. Will be great if someone can post a sample code for this or point me in the right direction.
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          If I understand graphics correctly your ppi is supported by your file format and is going to be seperate from your image functions. Java Image functions tend to work with size of the image in pixels for height and width. You'll need to look at your file format and choose the ppi when you save in a file format that supports ppi information.