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    how to set property "java.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort" in jnlp-file?


      I have a problem in a web start application with java 7 and the new sort behavior (exception: comparison method violates its general contract).

      So I like to go back to previous behavior and tried to put the new java 7 system property "java.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort" in the generated jnlp-File:
      <property name="java.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort" value="true"/>.

      Now I can read the property value in java code with System.getProperty("java.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort"), and guess the property was successful set, but the exception still appears?!

      The system property works with command line "javaws -J-Djava.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort=true file.jnlp", but not via doubleclick on the jnlp-file or url and browser.

      Any ideas?