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    Openboot prompt commands execution


      Could someone post, how to execute two seperate commands on the same line at "ok" prompt.
      For example:
      1st command: setenv boot=net
      2nd Command: boot net - install

      could the above commands be combined and run on one line at Ok prompt? For example something like
      setenv boot=net;boot net - install;

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          This might be a silly question but how are you planning to use this if it is/was possible? I guess one way would be to place a Ctrl-J inbetween the two commands...
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            I think the O.P. already received an answer in the thread they had started six days earlier:
            ILOM bootmode script property for problem resolution

            (Another example of how multi-posting can contribute to duplication of efforts.)
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              I am the reason for openning two threads which were suppose to be two seperate questions. But the first thread discussion took a turn and answered my second thread question as well.

              Thanks for your participation.

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                Thanks. Allow me to give you a reason why I am asking this facility, hopefully my reason could change your view on this question being not silly as it appear to be on first glance.

                At ilom prompt,

                -> set /HOST/bootmode script=value

                where script controls the host server OpenBoot PROM firmware method of booting. script does not affect the current /HOST/bootmode setting. value can be up to 64 bytes in length. You can specify a /HOST/bootmode setting and set the script within the same command.

                The script could be set to a command which would be run at obp prompt. At present we have concluded that we could only execute one single command using this script property. If it is possible to run two commands on a single line at obp prompt, I could use this new command to set to script property and reset the host server. The script will be executed by the obp firmware.

                Anyways, my other thread discusses on this issue and we concluded that we cannot run multiple commands at obp prompt.