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    exadata simulation setup info

      Its very difficult to get the break to work on exadata enviornment. Oracle university teaches the exadata course in OVM simulation enviornment. For practice, is it possible to do same simulation setup in our pc?
      Please let me know how to build it? Appreciate your help....

      Thanks in advance..
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          Unfortunately not. The Exadata OVM environment is created solely for OU courses and isn't available outside Oracle.
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            Is Oracle planning to release the OVM Template for Exadata in the near future? Oracle did it for many other products to allow the Technical gurus to test and evaluate their products. The Technical gurus will in turn helping Oracle pushing the products to the clients. Is there any reason why Oracle is not doing this for Exadata?

            I am working at bulding the OVM test machine for Exadata myself. If I managed to simulate the Exadata under OVM, may I allow to share the OVM template publicly with others?

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              but such a simulator would give a very false impression because it could not simulate infiniband or flash cache or most of the actual technologies used in Exadata. You would also be in violation of laws about use of exadata software and licenses and liable to civil action.
              If your objective is to create a dcli or cellcli simulator it would not have any functional use and would at most familiarise yourself with a few commands that can be picked up from a manual.
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                Thanks for the reply. I agree that it would be impossible to simulate the infiband and flash cache modules in Exadata.
                I am wondering how does Oracle University teach the Infiniband and Flash Cache using the Exadata OVM simulation.
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                  My understanding is that they do not actually do this... My guess is they fudge the results if the parameters are disabled :)
                  i.e introduce a delay in the simulated storage server when cell offloading is disabled.
                  If I understand it correctly 3 separate virtualbox images are used to simulate 2 storage servers and 1 compute node.
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                    Oracle is giving a lot of training on Exadata either directly or through Oracle partner centers as they too want this product to be sold in big numbers globally.
                    Minimum RAM should be 4GB to run 2 cell server and 1 compute node for a basic simulation. But this simulation is only available at their training labs and till date not available open.